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The North American subsidiary of a global services firm faced an increasingly competitive market. They had a strong understanding of their competitors’ current positions, but needed to take the extra step to anticipate their competitors’ actions and positions. They also needed to improve intelligence communications and selected intelligence functions within their organization.

in’s Consulting Services helped them develop a deeper understanding of their internal and external situation, as well as solutions for enhancing their intelligence capabilities. KiF devised a multi-phase plan to improve intelligence development, intelligence-sharing, and intelligence applications. To help them quickly develop their capabilities, KiF also provided targeted training and resources to their staff.



A North American-based office furniture and supplies manufacturer wanted to expand its presence in Europe. The company believed that more Europeans were working from home offices and wanted to attract those customers. They lacked the intelligence capabilities to assess the general market for home office furniture and supplies for each country, as well as lacking the research capabilities to obtain demographic and economic development information about each country.

in’s Consulting Services investigated the market for home office furniture and supplies in each European country. Using that market research data, population growth projections, and economic development data, i assessed each country’s potential market and recommended an expansion strategy.



In order to expand its distribution channels, a financial services firm decided to use third-party distributors for its products, but was concerned about the impact of the decision on its new product development process. Previously, the company heavily relied on the direct feedback from its customers to create new products. Now, they needed to develop a knowledge-sharing network to continue to receive the information necessary to create new products.

in’s Consulting Services conducted a benchmarking study of the new product development process for companies using third party distributors. Since the focus was on ensuring the incorporation of consumer feedback, the benchmarking candidates were chosen based on their commitment to customer satisfaction and use of a knowledge management system, rather than being a financial services firm. Using the results from the benchmarking study, i crafted the strategy and quality assessment measures for both the new product development process and the customer feedback knowledge management system.



A small service business wanted to expand its market presence and possibly apply for venture capital/angel investment. Understanding competitors and industry pressures was critical to creating its growth strategy.

in Consulting Services assessed the company’s current situation and strategy. i provided training, analytical frameworks, and other resources to help this small company understand its industry forces and dynamics, develop competitor awareness, as well as improve its market research methods and analytical tools. i also provided Advisory Services to address on-going strategic and tactical developments.



A growing biopharmaceutical firm recognized that it was failing to generate the type of intelligence to support management’s intelligence needs. Thus far, the firm had been relying on information and assessments that were generated or acquired on an ad hoc basis. It needed to establish an intelligence system that will support a number of vital functions, including commercial product management, R&D, manufacturing, and corporate strategy. It struggled with understanding where to start, how to structure and manage the intelligence function, and establishing the intelligence system in the company.

in’s Consulting Services worked with managers from with each of the relevant functions to assess requirements, resources, expectations, practices, and other key factors. This informed a more comprehensive intelligence audit and diagnostic, which evaluated the client’s various intelligence needs, resources, information and workflow systems, recent and current practices, and other key factors against intelligence best practices. i provided recommendations and defined a plan for establishing an intelligence program that best suits their resources and requirements, taking in to consideration ways in which the company can build upon and use existing resources and systems. i also outlined intelligence competencies for developing staff skills and for defining qualifications for new hires.




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