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The North American subsidiary of a global services firm faced an increasingly competitive market. They had a strong understanding of their competitors’ current positions, but needed to take the extra step to anticipate their competitors’ actions and positions. They also needed to improve intelligence communications and selected intelligence functions within their organization.

in’s Consulting Services helped them develop a deeper understanding of their internal and external situation, as well as solutions for enhancing their intelligence capabilities. KiF devised a multi-phase plan to improve intelligence development, intelligence-sharing, and intelligence applications. To help them quickly develop their capabilities, KiF also provided targeted training and resources to their staff.



A major high tech firm had been experiencing significant growth and wanted to maintain their competitive edge. They needed to train new employees across units and functions on how to identify, gather, manage, and use intelligence information amongst themselves and with other strategic development units. They also needed to add intelligence training into their existing professional develop program.

in’s Training Services worked with the company to assess areas and levels of training and identify the best delivery method. KiF created an ongoing, customized, modular curricula in industry/market analysis, competitive intelligence, and market research for both new and established employees. Employees across geography can now access on-going intelligence training on site, on line, or in print.



In order to enhance the competitiveness of its members, a law association was interested in offering a competitive and market intelligence professional development program to one of its regional groups. Levels of CI experience were wide-ranging among its members, who also served in a variety of functions and law settings. The association struggled with how they could design and deliver a meaningful and enlightening intelligence program that could be satisfy its diverse membership.

in’s Training Services conducted a series of discussions to better understand the backgrounds and expectations of the associations members. Based on this understanding, i custom designed a successful one-day program that provided an overview of intelligence and it’s applications in the law sector, demonstrated how intelligence may be maximized in various law practices and settings, and discussed intelligence management issues that are specific to law settings.



A leading financial services firm sought to expand the competitive intelligence capabilities of their market research department so that they may better support the firm’s marketing and sales functions. Since the firm has no formal or centralized intelligence program, these capabilities were not readily available through in-house training. Time – and successful generation of intelligence – was of the essence, since the firm’s competitors have been aggressively developing new products and services for launch in multiple markets, threatening the firm’s market position in a number of fronts.

in’s Training Services worked with the firm’s corporate training department and market research team to establish a timetable, methodology, and the content for a customized intelligence training program suited to the firm’s requirements and to the participants’ functions, experience, and backgrounds. i designed an intensive, multi-day program to kick off this initiative and 1) to help our client acquire the necessary skills and tools to begin generating effective intelligence and 2) on which they can build their intelligence capabilities. Through the i intelligence training program, the market research team was immediately able to develop a deeper understanding of their competitive environment and issues, apply their new intelligence skills, and more effectively support the firm’s marketing and sales functions.



A leading internet services company lacked intelligence research skills, techniques, and tools to generate usable “raw material” for generating good intelligence. The firm also lacked a corporate library or formal research or information management function, and there were no plans to establish these functions or positions. This requires that research is acquired or conducted by each department; and each department faced the challenge of balancing their need for good intelligence information with other responsibilities of their function. They needed to conduct intelligence research more knowledgeably, effectively, and efficiently.

in’s Training Services worked with the firm’s management to outline an effective custom training program that satisfies their need to generate good intelligence research without consuming too much time and effort. i designed an intelligence training program that focused on research best-practices; professional search techniques, technology, and tools; and continuous skills development. i applied cases and examples that were specific to the industry and issues that were relevant to the client, thus enhancing the participants’ intelligence and industry awareness, and conferring real-world applications to our training. As soon as during the session, the participants were able to apply their new knowledge to generate immediate, useable results regarding key competitors.




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