Join Us at the CI Summit: 2023!

The Council of Competitive Intelligence Fellows annual CI Summit is here…This year’s theme, “Competitive. Intelligence. Transforming for New Realities,” takes a deep dive into the state of competition and competitive intelligence. Join Cynthia Cheng Correia and experts across practice disciplines, industries, and the globe as they discuss the topics that matter today…and tomorrow!

AI for CI: What to Know, What to Expect, What to Do

The launch of generative artificial intelligence has sparked new ways to research, analyze, and gain insights for competitive and decision intelligence. The proliferation of new tools and techniques not only brings exciting solutions to long-standing challenges faced by researchers and analysts but presents new questions and considerations, ranging from use cases to how we design, deploy, and manage AI.

We face questions like:

  • What is the state of generative AI?
  • How does this matter to industries?
  • Which tools matter to research, analysis, and insights work?
  • How should we evaluate these tools for intelligence production, decision support, and managing our customers and programs?
  • How do these tools fit into enterprise-level AI initiatives
  • How do we align our efforts with this?

Join Cynthia Cheng Correia on Friday, September 8, at 11am US ET, as we discuss these questions – and yours. Register today!

Join us at the CI Summit 2022: Foresight NOW: Harness the Future!

Cynthia Cheng Correia will share insights in the following sessions at the Council of Competitive Intelligence Fellows’ annual CI Summit, September 14-15, 2022:

  • “This is Not Our Parents’ Foresight” (moderator)
  • “Harnessing D.A.R.Q. Matters: How Can We Anticipate a Future of Distributed Ledgers, AI, (A/V)R and Quantum?,” panelist
  • “The Future Is Emerging…Why Are We Blind to It?” (moderator)