ACT: Advise Consult Train

Our services are designed to help our clients become more competitive. Our three service areas provide our clients a range of support to help them achieve better intelligence, better decision-making, and better outcomes.


Advising & Decision Support

We work with intelligence users, like executives and managers, in a number ways, including:

  • Strategic advising
  • Competitive foresight development
  • Scenario development
  • Identify & minimize cognitive biases
  • Manage uncertainty


Consulting: Programs, Processes & Practices

We have helped companies across industries develop their intelligence architecture and enhance their programs and practices, including the following aspects:

  • Competencies development
  • Early Warning program design
  • Futures study & analysis
  • Human intelligence (HUMINT)
  • Industry analysis
  • Intelligence audits & diagnostics
  • Intelligence defense
  • Intelligence ethics
  • Intelligence knowledge management: intelligence KM audits & diagnostics; develop processes & techniques; evaluate, develop, and implement tools
  • Intelligence & knowledge management software evaluation
  • Intelligence needs assessment
  • Intelligence program design & development
  • Intelligence team building
  • Issue analysis
  • Knowledge audits & diagnostics
  • Macroenvironmental study
  • Open source intelligence (OSINT) tools & techniques
  • Social media intelligence
  • Scenario analysis


Training & Coaching

We understand the demands on intelligence, knowledge management, and information practitioners. Our professional development services are competencies-based and are designed to be targeted and flexible, via traditional or distance/online education, training, and coaching. We’ve trained and coached in a range of intelligence practices,. These include:

  • Cognitive biases & perceptual distortions in intelligence & decision-making
    • Identifying & managing assumptions & biases in research and analysis
    • Identifying & managing assumptions & biases in users of intelligence & knowledge services


  • Intelligence process, practices, and tools, including
    • Project planning & management
    • Published & open source intelligence (OSINT)
    • Human intelligence (HUMINT)
    • Analysis
    • Intelligence communication & reporting


  • Specific practices & topics
    • Developing your intelligence network
    • Industry analysis
    • Macroenvironmental analysis
    • Futures study & analysis
    • Early Warning
    • Social media intelligence