Consulting: Programs, Processes & Practices

We help leading companies across industries develop their intelligence architecture and enhance their insight/foresight programs and practices.

Program-Level Support

Our program-level services are designed to enhance intelligence practices within dedicated intelligence teams or to enable intelligence across organizations. Our expertise and capabilities include:

  • AI adoption guidance & planning
  • Competencies development
  • Disinformation & misinformation mitigation planning & protection
  • Early Warning program design
  • Intelligence audits & diagnostics
  • Intelligence defense
  • Intelligence ethics
  • Intelligence knowledge management: intelligence KM audits & diagnostics; develop processes & techniques; evaluate, develop, and implement tools
  • Intelligence & knowledge management software evaluation
  • Intelligence needs assessment
  • Intelligence program design & development
  • Intelligence team building
  • Knowledge audits & diagnostics

Practice-Level Support

Our practice-level services focus on specific intelligence functions and activities practiced by intelligence practitioners or teams. These range from collection activities to analysis, including:

  • AI-enabled research
  • Futures study & analysis
  • Human intelligence (HUMINT)
  • Industry analysis
  • Issue analysis
  • Macroenvironmental study
  • Open source intelligence (OSINT) tools & techniques
  • Social media intelligence
  • Scenario analysis