Training & Coaching

Our training and professional development support is grounded in over two decades of experience, innovation, and thought leadership in competitive intelligence practices, knowledge management, and instructional best practices and design. Our professional development programs and content are competencies-based, targeted and flexible via traditional, blended, or distance/online learning formats. We’ve trained and coached in a range of intelligence practices, including:

  • Cognitive biases & perceptual distortions in intelligence & decision-making
    • Identifying & managing assumptions & biases in research and analysis
    • Identifying & managing assumptions & biases in users of intelligence & knowledge services 

  • Intelligence process, practices, and tools, including
    • Project planning & management
    • Published & open source intelligence (OSINT)
    • Minimizing risks & impact of misinformation & disinformation
    • Human intelligence (HUMINT)
    • Analysis
    • Intelligence communication & reporting 

  • Specific practices & topics
    • Developing your intelligence network
    • Industry analysis
    • Macroenvironmental analysis
    • Futures study & analysis
    • Early Warning
    • Social media intelligence